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The Start of Things

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The Start of Things

Lucas started school in 2015. I really wanted him to know that as a family, character was the most important thing we are all learning. To be a good friend. To be a kind human. So we got out a sharpie & wrote out why prep would go well for him. We wrote 'I will rock prep because I am kind and brave and full of light'. Learning new things takes guts. We will always celebrate guts!

We also believe in speaking out the truth in our lives that is yet to be born, all those tiny moments that, as we practice them, will increase in us- like not freaking out when we fail at something & calling ourselves stupid. Or freaking out a little less & quieting the critical voice inside of us. And that was the thing his teachers wrote about, that Lucas was learning that failing is part of his learning adventure. It does not impact our worth, it does not mark out a line we will never cross over! Leap little boy, leap.

Whatever new adventure is waiting for you this year, know that greatness is inside of you. Push the boat out, write it out on a pop if you need to & celebrate every gust of wind that billows out your sails & moves you forward.

Also, there is always Ellen. Funny & kind all in one human. This speech of hers, love.

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