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our 3x3 paper garden

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our 3x3 paper garden

I love walking into our white 3x3. Transforming it into a little world that Sara & I will live in for a few days. This year it was a paper garden complete with deck chair. The deck chair was a mistake- one cannot keep dignity intact when heaving 33 week pregnant body up & out of chair. I had a few undignified, sleep deprived moments- thank goodness really, I'd hate anyone to take us too seriously. 

Now everything is pulled down, packed away & some of our dearest friends have flown away. Time with friends always goes to quickly, why can't we all live in the same street, hang bunting from the lights & hold street parties with pot luck dinners & homemade lemonade. We are so lucky to know such talented, beautiful, creative women. 

This year felt the most chatty, we spent long moments with customers talking babies, children, short courses, finding time to be creative & exploring the world. 

Right, onto a few photos, enjoy.
(sorry for the photo quality & they way they are just plopped there)

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