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its a good day

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its a good day

it will always be a delight to find our things on blogs i've long admired. it kind of feels like handing in an essay & getting an A+. Saying that though, I hope you don't think we are all glory & perfection. We make things that do not sell well, and we make them in bulk. Suddenly we are stuck with a pile of paper & no one wants it. It doesn't need to be disheartening though. Every failure is essential to the creative life. It keeps you on the path of a student, learning, re-working & practicing your art form. 

Sculptor Harriet March says it better: 'no matter how much the mess & distortion make you want to despair, you can't abandon the work because you're chained to the bloody thing, it's absolutely woven into your soul & you know you can never rest until you've brought truth out of all the distortion & beauty out of all the mess- but it's agony, agony, agony- while simultaneously being the most wonderful & rewarding experience in the world- and thats the creative process which so few people understand'

'it involves an indestructible sort of fidelity, an insane sort of hope, and indescribable sort of... well, it's love, isn't it? There's no other word for it... and don't throw Mozart at me...I know he claimed his creative process was no more than a form of automatic writing, but the truth was he sweated & slaved & died young giving birth to all that music. He poured himself out & suffered. That's the way it is. That's creation... You can't create without waste & mess & sheer undiluted slog. You can't create without pain. It's all part of the process. It's in the nature of things'

I suppose it is a bit laughable that i'm talking about making things like lolly bags & stickers. Never mind, basically I wanted to say that whatever you make, whatever you put your hands to, know that you will make a few ugly things.. but don't stop. Good days & bad days. Imagine if the daisy repulsed God & he stopped making. Imagine if creating blue was enough.... no we need the full garden. the full amount of joy. 

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