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    Poppies for Grace is the work of Sara Dickins & Alana Waterson.
    We made our first sale in 2004. What a thrill!
    I've never sky dived & I asked to get off the ferris wheel,
    but I'm going to say; that sale was EXACTLY like jumping from a plane or riding the ferris wheel all the way home.
    We took our shaking hands & nervous laughter with us & committed to giving it a go before we were ready.

    Now I fancy us as a couple of leaping-dancing- life-celebrators.
    Every colour is our favourite & there is always confetti on the studio floor.
    We are joy makers, day dreamers & craft gangsters.

    I think perhaps you may be too.

    We believe cake & thankfulness is vital to every day living.
    We believe that celebrations are good for the soul.
    Poppies for Grace is our playground & every sale is an unexpected thrill.

    Every product is made with care & purpose. We start it & you finish it. With precious words to a friend, with a party laden with colourful joy or with gifts that make happy.

    Our current range includes gift cards & tags, stickers, envelopes, invitations, lolly bags, notepads, confetti, jumbo balloons,  balloon kits, mylar balloons, crepe paper, honeycomb balls & garlands.

    "Creativity is not neat. It is not orderly. When we are being creative we don't know what is going to happen next. When we are being creative a great deal of what we do is wrong. An artist makes attempt after attempt at the canvas trying for the right perspective & missing badly, almost getting the right shade but not making it. Lovers quarrel, hurt & get hurt, misunderstand & are misunderstood in their painstaking work of creating marriage. In any creative enterprise there are risks & mistakes, but out of the mess- when we stay with it long enough, enter it deeply enough- there slowly emerges love or beauty or peace".
    -Eugene Peterson

    We support Kiva with regular loans to women in developing countries. 10 years ago family paid for the first batch of gift card stock, enabling us to begin our journey as makers. These women are our sisters and we are honored to join with them in their creative endeavours.