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Poppies for Grace is the work of us! Sara Dickins & Alana Waterson.

We made our first sale in 2004 and it has been a wild ride ever since!

Since that first sale we have grown and dreamt, made mistakes and had fun along the way. We are blessed to be surrounded by family and a team who allow us and empower us to follow the Poppies dream. We have learnt that hard work, courage and fun are needed in equal measures.

Our current range includes balloon garlands, confetti, super fun tableware and honeycomb balls. Every colour is our favourite!

We believe in joy, cake, thankfulness and celebrating.  

We value teamwork. We value each other’s strengths and we acknowledge our weaknesses. We appreciate and value what we each bring to Poppies. We respect, trust and support each other.

We value honesty and integrity. We will treat each other, those we partner with and our customers with kindness and respect. We strive to learn, improve, adapt and innovate. We are committed to leading the way in what we do.

We believe in courage and humility. We will make mistakes and we will keep trying.

We love what we do! We are passionate about being joy makers. We will always dream big and take risks.

We will never take for granted that we are welcomed into people’s homes to be a part of special events and celebrate their special days.