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Let us introduce ourselves. We are the joy-makers, the day-dreamers, the craft-gangsters. We believe there is room for everyone at our party table.

Here are your hosts:

Boss Lady. (aka Operations Manager and Owner)
Sara is our superwoman extraordinare. Need something done? She's your lady. She keeps us on track, steers this party ship and will happily climb any tall structure to attach a balloon onto it. We don't know what we'd do without her. 
The Walking Colour Wheel. (aka Creative Director and Owner)
This lady can see colours that the average person cannot! She is a creative whirlwind, bringing colour and joy to wherever she is, sprinkled with some well timed wisdom. Her skills in bringing the party to any situation are only matched by her commitment to fighting for fairness for everyone. 
The Speedy Lady (aka Installations and Events Manager)

Jess is a 'can do' kinda lady. Need a balloon garland flowing from your hallway, out your backdoor and into your pool? Jess can do that for you. She can also write you a slamming poem, identify that mystery bird in your backyard and kick some serious karaoke butt. 


Craft Queen. (aka Wholesale & Customer Service Manager)

This is the lady you want in your corner. Fiercely kind and fair, she will come at you with a handmade pom pom crown in one hand and a word of encouragement in the other. She can also answer all your questions about all things Poppies.


The Captain. (aka Website & General Manager)
This chick can make a list and check it off better than anyone you know. She is a big picture operator, and her voice of reason is the calm we all need in our fast paced, last minute crazy colour situations (which happen more often then not). When she reads poetry out loud she takes you to beautiful places, and she thinks Benedict Cumberbatch is hot…. 


The Retail Unicorn. (aka Hawthorn Store Manager)
Need to know what's cute or what is fun or what is going to bring some joy? This lady will not just point you in the right direction, she will do extensive research for you, hand make it if necessary and douse it in glitter. She is cuteness and loyalty rolled up into our Retail Unicorn. And also, has the best laugh in town. 


Warehouse Wizard. (aka Warehouse Manager)

So while Julie is literally our Warehouse Wizard, ordering, making, and organising all the things, she is also unofficially the Poppies go-to for all cooking and baking questions, thoughts and feelings. She has saved us from many a cooking disaster. She can also paint you a picture and craft you up a storm. She is one multi talented lady!

Packing Ninja. (aka Dispatch Manager)
It is no exaggeration to say that Jodie is the cornerstone of Poppies. She is steadfast and kind AND packs all your orders with care. She runs our dispatch department with a song in her heart and a sprinkle of confetti in her hand. She knows how to party which is why she is our perfect match.  

Balloon Babes
(aka our Installation Team)
You are not going to find better in the biz than these women! They will sweep into any venue with a smile on their face and a balloon pump in their hands and turn it into a party. They work hard, rain, hail or shine, making sure that joy and colour will rain down in the most wonderful way. They are our problem solving, creative thinking, balloon experts!


Joy Crew
(aka our Retail Team)
If you have ever visited our Flagship store in Hawthorn you know you are in a special place. Yes, it’s like walking into an explosion of colour and fun, but most importantly, you will find a team there who will wow you with their knowledge of decorations like no others.  They delight in leading customers towards what they need and will happily whip up a balloon garland or a helium ballon for you. They are like a gang, but one that invites everyone to the party and dance it out with them. Yep, they are the best.