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Being invited to be apart of your events and special days is one of the best things we do. What a privilege! But we're sure you've got some questions for us first. 

If you need any further info please email us on
We'd love to hear from you.

How much does an installation cost?
Prices start at $500 between 9-5 Monday - Saturday and $610 outside of these hours. Extra fees for travel and CBD parking may apply.

My budget doesn't stretch that far, is there a cheaper option?
Sure is! We offer amazing DIY garland kits on our website that you can purchase to do yourself. Or better yet, for an extra $40 fee our Hawthorn store can make up any DIY garlands for you to collect on the day of your event! You can even customise colours, contact them directly for more information.

What kind of installations do you offer?
We can do balloon garlands, balloon walls, balloon canopies, helium, streamer backdrops, honeycomb or paper decorations and more! Check out our gallery for some of our previous work.

How do I pay?
Once we send a quote to you, you can ‘accept’ it via the link in the email. You will then be directed to a page to pay your 50% deposit to secure your booking. The remainder is due 5 days before your event. We accept online credit card payment or over the phone as well as bank transfer.

What if I don’t know what I want, can you help?
We would love too! Send us images of the space you want decorated, some inspiration images and your budget, and we can come up with some amazing ideas for you. Check out our Gallery for some inspiration!

How do you attach the balloons to the wall or roof?
We need to be able to tie the balloons to an existing structure to secure them in places. Things like hooks, pipes, beams and curtain rods work well. If there is nothing existing for us to attach too we can use removable hooks on plaster walls or glass, but we cannot 100% guarantee they will stick on the day (though they do most of the time!). So it is good to have a back up plan just encase!

What colours are available?
We have a huge range of colours to choose from as well as orbs, confetti and marble balloons. To get an idea you can have a look at the balloons we sell on our website. Once you have locked in a deposit we work with you to come up with an amazing colour palette that will knock your guests socks off!

Can you deliver?
Not at this stage sorry. We only offer on site inflation so it needs to reach our minimum spend. You can order helium balloons or pre made garlands from our Hawthorn store to collect on your event day, contact them directly for more information.

Can you do a custom sticker to attach to the balloons?
Sure can! These look great on helium jumbo balloons, or even on balloons in your garland or balloon wall!

How long do you need to do an installation?
We like to have 2 hours minimum between beginning your installation and your event start, and if your installation is quite large we will need longer.

Do you offer bump out? 
It is not included as part of our normal quote process but we are happy to add it on if requested.

Do you hire out streamers?
Watch this space! We are working on creating a streamer hire system, but in the mean time we can still custom make you pieces for your event day. As they are made from plastic you can keep them to use again and again!

Ready to book us in? Yes! Head over here to get a quote. 

Past Installations

Click thumbnails to see larger image.

2.5 x 3.6m Layered Streamer Wall including Metallic fringe

3.5 x 3.5m Monochromatic Balloon Wall

3m Monochromatic Garland

4 x 2.3m Balloon Wall including Metallic Orbs

5m Balloon Arch

6m Balloon Garland

30m worth of Balloon Garland with Streamers

20m worth of Balloon Garland for Fenton and Fenton

6m Balloon Garland with embellishments. Photo: Indie Lane

7m Balloon Garland with embellishments for Chyka Keebaugh. Photo: Lisa Atkinson

2m x 2m Layered Streamer Wall and 3.7m Balloon Garland with embellishments. Styled and Photo by: My Little Empire

3m Paper Hanging Installation for Bec Judd. Photo: Jasmine Blom

1.5m Paper Ceiling Installation for Bec Judd. Photo: Jasmine Blom

10m Balloon Garland. Photo: Nikole Ramsay.

Layered Streamer and Foil Wall. Photo: Mrs White Photos