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Helium Or Air? And All The Important Inflation Questions

To float or to not float, that is the question. 

Most balloons can be filled with helium or air, simply check the instructions provided or on the product page for details. Some balloons can only be filled with air due to their size (like mini latex and foil balloons), and some balloons are not designed for helium (like balloon garlands). 

First tip! When inflating balloons with air, use a balloon pump or air compressor! Seriously - do! You can thank us later. 

Second tip. Do not use your mouth to blow up confetti balloons. The condensation caused by your breath will do weird things to the confetti. You don't want that. Use a balloon pump or inflate with helium. 

Tip number three. Mini balloons, latex and foil, can only be filled with air. They are too teeny tiny to take enough helium to make them float. They are an air only situation. 

Tip four is a good one - you might want to bookmark it. How do you get that confetti to stick in the balloon?! Confetti will not stick to the sides of your balloon without static and unfortunately helium does not create static. We suggest that you pop in some air first (about a basketball worth for a jumbo balloon, a tennis ball for a standard balloon). To create static rub the inflated balloon with your hand & roll the balloon for the confetti to stick. This process may need to be repeated during your event. Bear in mind we cannot guarantee the confetti will stick when inflating with helium because we can't control science.

Also, remember that confetti in balloons will affect the float time when filled with helium. Check our ‘how long will balloon float with helium?’ for more details.

Tip five is all about those mini foil balloons (like a cake toppers). 

If you are blowing up your mini number or letter balloon follow these instructions for the best result: To start, find a friend!

To blow up your balloon you will need a balloon pump. If you really want to forge ahead without a balloon pump, you can use a straw, however you may not be able to achieve the same inflation.

One of you blows up the balloon, the other pinches the end once it is inflated. Twist, twist & twist again, then knot. Please note as they are small balloon they do not need much air. 

If using this method we recommend inflating the balloon on the day of your event. Air will very slowly leak from the knot. Depending on your skills, the balloon will stay inflated for 2 days to 2 months.

Tips six and seven are all about helium, baby.

The time helium filled balloons will float is dependant on how they are handled, transported and weather. Helium is sensitive to temperature so avoid extreme heat & extreme cold. We strongly recommend inflating with helium as close to your event as possible.

We have lots of helium tips and tricks available here.

Tip eight we are going to talk about jumbo balloons. 

When you are inflating a jumbo, a good trick is that a doorframe is approximately 90cm, so that is the size you are aiming for. You will start inflating, and inflating, and inflating and you will think that the balloon is going to burst, but keep going! You are doing fine! Don't go bigger than an average doorframe (even go a little less if you are worried) and you will be great! 

WARNING: Balloons are not toys. Children can choke or suffocate on non-inflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision is required. Keep non-inflated balloons away from children, and discard broken balloons immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: Balloons are fragile. We use the highest quality latex balloon available, however please use great care when inflating. If you are concerned please order extra balloons for your event. We do not offer refunds on balloons. 


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