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If you have chosen 'pick up with helium' here is all the info you need. 

Pick up is available from our Hawthorn store, 297 Auburn Road, Hawthorn, VIC, Australia.

Pick up is only available during the below times:

Monday to Friday 10:00am - 4:30pm 

Saturday 9:am - 2:45pm

Sunday Unavailable

Pick up through the website is not available for same day orders. If you are needing balloons on the same day, please call the store to arrange. 

At checkout you will be able to nominate a time and date for pick up. We recommend picking up balloons as close to your event as possible. More information about helium float times is available below.

Helium balloons will come with matching ribbon and balloon weight. White ribbon will be added to metallic balloons. If you would like a specific colour ribbon please pop a note on your order. 

Please read through our ‘how to transport your balloons’ for some tips and tricks on getting your balloons to their party in excellent condition.

Please ensure that you include your phone number on your order.

You can also call our store on 03 9813 1618 if you would like to place an over the phone order.

If your chosen balloons are out of stock we reserve the right to use a similar balloon if necessary. Any replacement will be of equal or greater value. 

We love getting your balloons ready for you. Its the funnest thing to do. But transporting balloons can seem a little daunting. Never fear. Follow our hints below to make sure your balloons stay in tip top condition.

We recommend you pick up your balloons as close to your event as possible to get the most out of your helium. For more information on how long balloons float with helium check out our Helium Life page.

The bigger the car you can bring the better! You want to make sure your balloons will fit!

We highly recommend collapsing all of your seats, sliding the front passenger seat forward and removing any kids seats.

The more space you can create in your car the better, so have a little car tidy before you pick up your balloons (and lets be honest, who doesn't need a little reminder to tidy up the car every now and then!). 

Oh, Helium. 

Helium is a naturally produced gas that has a lower density than oxygen - which is why it floats. Isn't science fun?! 

Helium is sensitive to temperature so we suggest keeping your balloons away from extreme heat & extreme cold. Our latex balloons are made from natural rubber so over time the helium escapes, the balloons will become smaller and start to lose their ability to float. We recommend inflating your balloons as close to the start time of your event as possible.

For an estimate on how long balloons will float with helium please see our super helpful  'how long will my balloon float with helium' chart below.

Balloon Type Size Estimate Float Time
Mini Latex 5"/12cm n/a
Standard Latex 11"/30cm 7-10hrs
Medium Latex 16"/40cm 10-12hrs
Large Latex 23"/60cm 12-15hrs
Jumbo Latex 36"/90cm 15-20hrs
Mini Latex, Confetti 5"/12cm n/a
Standard Latex, Confetti 11"/30cm 7-10hrs
Medium Latex, Confetti 16"/40cm 10-12hrs
Large Latex, Confetti 23"/60cm 12-15hrs
Jumbo Latex, Confetti 36"/90cm 15-20hrs
Foil 45cm Heart 18"/45cm 2+ days
Foil Jumbo Heart 36"/90cm 2+ days
Foil Jumbo Numbers 34"/86cm 2+ days
Foil Large Shapes Various 2+ days
Orbs 16"/40cm 2+ days


Please note these are conservative estimates and we do not take responsibility for helium float times. We strongly suggest inflating balloons with helium as close to your event as possible. 

WARNING: Balloons are not toys. Children can choke or suffocate on non-inflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision is required. Keep non-inflated balloons away from children, and discard broken balloons immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: Balloons are fragile. We use the highest quality latex balloon available, however please use great care when inflating. If you are concerned please order extra balloons for your event. We do not offer refunds on balloons.