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Large True Blue Balloon Garland Inflated

Large True Blue Balloon Garland Inflated


True Blue hits all the right notes! It can be whatever you want it to be. It is fun and easy with its pops of orange and gentle pastels. And it will bring some play and boldness with its strong blues and earthy tones. Could this be the perfect garland? Maybe!

Create a Poppies For Grace Balloon Garland at any event!

Our garlands come with a range of balloon sizes (from 60cm through to 30cm), the colours carefully curated by Poppies so that you will receive a glorious mix.

Garland is approximately 2 metres and we recommend making sure your car will be able to accommodate your balloon passenger!

Inflated with air and assembled to be picked up at our Hawthorn store.

Please choose your pick up time and date at check out. We recommend picking up your balloons as close to your event as possible.

Before you add to cart we strongly recommend reading our INFLATION STATION INFORMATION.

Inflated garlands to be picked up at our Hawthorn store must be ordered 1 day in advance.

Please note that four balloon garlands were used to create the second image.